Pacotized and Perfected?

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The Challenge

The versatile Pacojet is a legend in frozen treats for its ability to convert a frozen block of ice cream or gelato base into a smooth, even luscious dessert by shredding through the ice with the ferocity of a supercar on track day.

Modernist Pantry’s ‘Perfect’ series (our Perfect Ice Cream, Perfect Sorbet, and Perfect Gelato) are easy-to-use frozen dessert stabilizers that offer a smoother texture to the traditional churn.

So when a customer asked the following question – it got us thinking.

“Do you need Perfect [Ice Cream / Sorbet / Gelato] if you’re using a Pacojet?”

Meet the Pacojet

The Pacojet earns a special spot in our hearts and in our kitchen. Like the Control Freak induction cooking system or the Spinzall culinary centrifuge, these are the McLaren’s or Bugatti’s of culinary technology – an element of raw horsepower meets refined engineering that invites the owner to try something a little more daring every time.

There’s also the price tag. Starting at over $5,000, the Pacojet is much more affordable than even a used Audi R8, but a serious investment for a benchtop culinary tool.

The Pacojet is NOT an ice cream maker.

An un-churned base is poured into the Pacojet’s steel beaker. Once frozen, the beaker is sealed to the Pacojet where the blades spin up and slowly lower into the frozen mass, shaving and whipping into a creamy, smooth texture without comparison in frozen treats – a portion at a time or the full batch.

Perfect Pairing?

Perfect Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbet each feature purpose-specific gum blends to help reduce ice crystals and improve texture of traditional recipes. The ability to encapsulate ice crystals while freezing isn’t as important with Pacojet preparation, which shears through the ice itself, but the texture from the gums can still improve the mouthfeel of non-traditional recipes.

Alternative-sugar recipes and low-fat recipes can miss the mouthfeel of traditional counterparts. Adding the perfect ‘Perfect’ for the job is an affordable way to help achieve the best results from your pacotized frozen treats with an affordable additive.

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