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Intro to Gummy Course

In this course we will cover the two most popular methods for gummy making – gelatin-based and pectin-based. Each technique offers a unique taste and texture experience. Follow the links below to learn more about gelatin, pectin, the ingredients that are crucial to a great gummy, and how to bring it all together. You will also find in this course trouble-shooting tips for common issues, base recipes for use, and related recipes and tips for further exploration.

What Makes Up a Gelatin Gummy?

If you’ve ever had gummy worms, gummy bears, peach rings, etc. Then you’ve had a gelatin based gummy. Gelatin gummy’s are chewy, sweet, sometimes sour, but always satisfying. Finding the correct ratio between sugar gelatin water can be a little bit tricky. Throughout this course we’re going to look at all of the ingredients, their functions, and what makes a good gummy or a bad gummy. No inevitably when you’re attempting a new recipe you were going to run into some issues. We have put together a troubleshooting section for you to be able to identify the issue you’re having as well as how to fix it.

Gelatin Gummy Course Content

What Makes Up A Pectin Gummy?

Pectin gummies are gelatin gummies softer tangier cousin. This type of gummy is more reminiscent of the numerous sugarcoated fruit shaped candies you would find at a penny candy counter. There are three main ingredients when making a pectin gummy. Of course pectin is the first followed by sugar and citric acid. Without these three ingredients you will not be able to create a Pectin gummy. While many of you may be asking, “What about sugar free gummies?” thankfully we developed a recipe for that and we have detailed it in this course. So instead of needing sugar pectin and citric acid you only need a special type of pectin and calcium to create great gummies. As with gelatin gummy‘s you may run into some issues when making these recipes for the first time. We have included an entire section devoted to troubleshooting acting gummy’s. Check out all the tabs below to see an in-depth breakdown of Pectin gummies.

Pectin Gummy Course Content

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