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Classic Fudge Brownies
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Comments (2)

How much sugar does this recipe actually need? 2.5 cups (about 512 g) or 600 g?
When is the cream cheese supposed to be added?
When is the salt supposed to be added?
This says it is a recipe suitable for beginners with 30 minutes of active prep time. IMO, making the caramel and incorporating it as described,is not a beginner recipe. Especially when the recipe user has to know when to add ingredients that are listed but not included in the directions. And making caramel, cooling, and reheating took 30 minutes of active time. 45 – 60 minutes seems more accurate for the whole recipe.
I often use your recipes and products with good results. This one was really disappointing.

Scott Guerin

May 2, 2022 11:21 am

Hi Jodie, we looked over the recipe and updated it with you suggestions. Sorry, hopefully it is more clear now.