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Coffee Bourbon Caramel Gelato
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The recipe sound great but, really, using Irish Whiskey and calling it Bourbon! You’ve lost credibility. Besides, the flavors of the two liquors are completely different.

You can definitely make the recipe with either as the base infusion process is the same so we’re linking from our other recipes.

I see your using 1 1/8th tsp of your perfect sorbet powder I have your Tara Gum powder should I use the same amount for my base for
1 1/2 quarts of icecream?

You can start off at a 1:1 replacement and see how you feel about the results and then adjust from there.

Alyson Vogel

August 4, 2020 9:24 pm

I tried my usual base gelato recipe (600 milk 215 heavy cream 180 sugar, 35 corn syrup, 56g milk powder, 1 egg yolk (it’s an espresso flavor) and instead of adding 0.7 tapioca starch I tried to emulate the amount of perfect gelato to use. However even mixing it with the sugar and using a whisk to combine with the milks it had unmixed.powdery blobs of the Perfect Gelato after cooking. I used 4 grams…was this too much/little for this amount of product? The only other add was a bit of espresso powder and 85g espresso.

The amount seems about right, maybe a little high. The issue is with the mixing if you are getting that much clumping. Try dry mixing the Perfect Gelato into the sugar but slowly sprinkling the sugar in as you whisk. You’re looking for as much dispersion as possible.

Can this be done without an ice cream/gelato machine?

The ice cream/gelato still has to be churned. Adding Perfect Gelato does not replace this process.