Rosemary Honey Old Fashioned

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Years ago Aaron was a young man in New York, first getting into the experience of craft cocktails. Late one night he was handed a rosemary honey old fashioned.  The aroma was unbelievable, but there was this tree of rosemary garnish that kept going up his nose and he remember thinking “there MUST be a better way!”  Over the years Aaron learned that although all rosemary is genetically identical, the environmental conditions will DRAMATICALLY change the way the plant’s aroma expresses itself. For the Rosemary & Wild Honey aromatic spray, Aaron sourced 3 different types of rosemary from 3 different countries and blended them together to get just the right rosemary flavor to bring the most impact to this not-so-old-fashioned Old Fashioned.




Active Time: 7 Minutes

Total Time: 10 Minutes


1 Cocktail

  • Honey Syrup

    In a bowl whisk together honey, water, and salt.

    Pour it into a container and allow it to sit until the air bubbles have settled. About 10 minutes.

  • Torch Orange

    Cut an orange into 4 or 5 rustic pieces and place them on a steak decorator.

    Torch with the Searzall until about 10% is covered with char.

  • Sugar Rim

    Pour Azuleta onto a bread dish, cover, and set aside.

    Rub one piece of the orange around the rim of a rocks glass, then invert the glass and dip it in the amulet to coat the rim.

    Reserve this orange for garnishing at the end.

  • Mix Cocktail

    In a beaker, place 4-5 ice cubes, bourbon, honey syrup, bitters, and squeeze the torched orange into the cocktail.

    Place the squeezed pieces into the drink to incorporate the oils from the skin.

    Use a bar spoon to stir the drink until the cocktail has chilled, about 10 seconds.

  • Strain and Garnish

    Cover the beaker with a cocktail strainer and pour the cocktail through a fine mesh strainer into the rocks glass. The second strainer will prevent any ice shards from further diluting the drink.

    Mist the top of the glass with the Alice & The Magician Rosemary & Wild Honey Aromatic spray.

    Place the reserved torched orange in the glass for garnish.

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