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Superb Sugar Free Pectin Gummies
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Steve Gillette

April 9, 2022 9:23 am

But what can I do if i want to use individual gummy molds? Less calcium? Less pectin? Would allulose and regular pectin work?

Scott Guerin

April 14, 2022 4:47 pm

If you wanted to pour them into individual molds you can cook the mixture to a lower temperature. Anything above 225F will set very rapidly. We have not attempted allulose and HM pectin but it may not work since allulose caramelizes at extremely low temperatures.

The texture of these is lovely. But I can’t eat them myself nor offer them to anyone who is unfamiliar with their personal reaction to sorbitol. While I appreciate (so much) the experimentation with alternative sweeteners in candies, it’s more useful if the majority of the sweetener is a newer sweetener that doesn’t have a package warning about gastrointestinal distress. Isomalt and sorbitol and two of the worst offenders here. There’s no doubt that this isn’t an easy task, and using some cane sugar seems unavoidable. If anyone can optimize this, though, it’s the kitchen alchemy team.