The Secret of Straining

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WTF – Superbags? Strive for Simpler Straining

All strain, no pain with these Superbags. From 800 to 100 microns, for filtering everything from cold brew and oil infusions, to stocks, and even cooking oil.

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Small Superbag Value Pack
Large Superbag Value Pack


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  • Nice vid. I’ve been using similar filters for years. 100 microns is actually a large index filter. “filter socks” made of PTFE and ABS have been used for years in the paining industry. Paint socks down to 1 micron are cheap and reusable. If you look hard enough a few manufactures are making them at 0.42 micron. Scientific sieves work well too. You can stack those. Put a 20 micron on the bottom. A 100 on top of that and a 500 on the top of the stack. Pour in a stock and the big stuff stays on top, The next gatherers the smaller stuff and the bottom only passes 20 microns. If eliminating fat is your goal just chill the fluid and pour it through a 20 micron filter. The fat becomes less plastic when chilled and traps on a 20 micron plane.

    You can “stack” the socks like the sieves so that multi size filtration can take place in one pour.

    1 micron will not pass albumin but will let water pass easily. I lined a spider’s cup with the 1 micron stuff and secured it with 0.010 surgical wire. Brought some water up to 160 and floated the cup in it. Added and egg and voila..a perfectly poached sunny side up egg. And it was really poached, as in came in contact with the water.

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