Different Ways to Coat Gummies for Preservation

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Table of Contents

1. Why Do We Coat Our Gummies?
2. What Do We Coat Our Gummies With?
3. When Do When Do We Coat Our Gummies?
4. How Do We Coat Our Gummies?
4a. Sugar Coating
4b. Cornstarch Coating
4c. Carnauba Wax Coating
5. Recommended Starting Ratios
6. More Gummy Course Content

Why Do We Coat Our Gummies?

  • To enhance flavor
  • To enhance texture
  • To prevent sticking
  • To prevent water loss
  • To preserve from outside contamination

What Do We Coat Our Gummies With?

*There is no one standardized mix*

  • Sugar (with acid if desired)
  • Cornstarch (with sugar if desired)
  • Waxes/fats

When Do We Coat Our Gummies?

Coating gummies is most successful immediately after they set and have been removed from the mold. If the gummy product is allowed to cure before coating, there’s a possibility that the coating agent won’t stick and form an even layer across the surface. 

How Do We Coat Our Gummies?

Sugar Coating

Coating with a mixture of citric acid and sugar at a 1:4 ratio by lightly tossing in a bowl and then sifting with a sieve to remove excess coating mixture.

This coating method can be adjusted to taste, by increasing or decreasing the acid ratio. Alternatively, other culinary acids can be substituted for a more tailored sour flavor.

Cornstarch Coating

Coating with cornstarch (and sugar at 1:1 if desired) should be tossed in a small bowl with a light dusting of starch overtop (an excess of cornstarch can cause caking and clumping) and sifted through a sieve to remove remaining starch.

Carnauba Wax Coating

Coating with carnauba wax is carried out by dissolving the wax in a flavorless oil (vegetable oil, canola, etc) at 5% the final weight of wax/oil mixture (i.e. 2.5g carnauba wax to 47.5g oil). This mixture can be heated in the microwave for ease of use. Using gloved hands, drizzle a small amount of coating mixture onto the palm of your hand and massage into your popped gummies. After a light and visible application has been made, toss together in a mixing bowl for several minutes.

Recommended Starting Ratios

Citrus and Sugar 1:4 ratio citric acid to sugar 
Cornstarch  ½ cup of cornstarch per 20 gummies 
Carnauba Wax 5% of final weight of flavorless oil 


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