Pectin Gummy Troubleshooting

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1. Gummy Burns Before Reaching Temperature
2. Gummy Sets Too Quickly
3. Gummies are Too Soft or Liquidy
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Gummy Burns Before Reaching Temperature

If you find that your pectin gummies are burning before they reach proper temperature there is most likely an issue with the acidity of the gum. If the mixture is too acidic the pectin will set prematurely. As you’re heating if you notice the pectin is clumping and not remaining fluid then you will most likely need to start over.

A mixture of pectin sugar and acid will set very rapidly after you reach 212°F. The higher you attempt to cook the sugar the more firm the mixture will become. At around 230°F the mixture will almost completely set and not retain the heat from the pan. This is generally the point you will find burning at the bottom of the pan.

To avoid the problem of burning gummies, add the acid after the sugar has been heated to the desired temperature or use our individual molding technique.

Gummy Sets Too Quickly

Pectin gummy set very rapidly once acid has been added. Acid is the final building block needed to create a pectin gel. This is why adding acid is the final step to making a pectin gummy. To slow the setting of the pectin you will need to cook the mixture to a lower temperature. But when you cook the mixture to a lower temperature it will affect the final texture. Using slow set HM pectin can also help you achieve a slower setting time. Slow set pectin is commonly used for commercial production of gummies. The only issue here is if you cook the mixture above 230°F the slow set pectin will set just as quickly as rapid set. This is due to the low water content of the mixture at higher temperatures.

Our individual molding technique should also resolve this issue.

Gummies are Too Soft or Liquid

If a pectin gummy is too soft or not set at all, there are a few possible causes.

If the gummy is too soft but it is set in a solid gel then the best course of action would be to heat the sugar to a higher temperature on the next batch. We have made gummies up to 250°F. At this temperature they more resemble a chewy hard candy. For a perfect chew we prefer 240°F.

If the gummy has not set at all and is still liquid once cooled then this could be a few things. If the sugar in the recipe is too low than the pectin gel may not set. This is a less common issue as most recipes will contain the correct amount of sugar, about 60%. If the sugar in the recipe is correct and it is still fluid once cooled then there is an issue with the acidity in the recipe. Make sure your recipe reaches 3.6 or lower on the pH scale. This is the prime pH for allowing pectin to set.

To make a sugar free pectin gummy, you will need amidated LM pectin. Follow the link in this recipe to learn more.

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