Sphere Within a Sphere

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The Struggle:

We have some awesome readers. They are super creative and we love to hear the ideas that you all come up with. This week we had a rather interesting idea come across our desks. Someone wrote in and had a great idea. They wanted to know if it was possible to create a sphere and then spherify that sphere within another sphere. This definitely got me thinking, would you be able to place a sphere within another sphere? While anything is possible I think this about technique more than anything. So if you were to spherify a sphere how would you do it?

“Can you create a sphere within a sphere?” 

Sphere Inception

I guess the first questions would be, “why would you want to put a sphere inside of another sphere”? The first idea would be to add two different flavors. The interior sphere would be one flavor and the exterior would be another.  Hypothetically the exterior sphere would pop before the interior sphere. This way you would get the main flavor and then a complimentary flavor from the inside. The second reason you could so this would be to have two different colors. This could make for a great presentation. 

I do think this technique is possible but it may take some testing. The method I would suggest would be frozen reverse spherification. Now the first sphere will be the easy one. You will need to make a basic frozen reverse sphere. The second sphere is the difficult one. It will need to be much larger than the first sphere. I would suggest something similar to our cocktail pods. The biggest difference I would suggest is to freeze a small amount of the sphere liquid in the bottom of the ice cube trays before adding the interior sphere. Fill the rest of the ice cube tray with the sphere liquid. The next part will be crucial to keeping the interior sphere intact. Do not freeze the sphere solid. You will need to freeze the liquid for 1 – 1.5 hours. This way the exterior is frozen and the center is liquid. If this freezes solid the liquid inside of the center sphere will break the membrane and you will not get the desired effect. Once the exterior is frozen enough to handle briefly. It can be made and you should have the desired effect. One thing I would suggest staying away from would be smaller sized spheres. They would be too delicate to handle and keep the small sphere intact. So the next time you want to try something new or challenge yourself. Give this method a try and see if you can perfect it. 


  • Hi, I have made Alginate Spherification and came across a problem. After making the popping pearls I left it in the fridge for a while, when I returned they no longer popped as it solidified like jelly. I am thinking it’s because the pearls say in the lactate bath too long.. please help

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