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Making a Major Marjolaine
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Lisa Lane Libman

December 20, 2020 3:36 pm

I keep Keto and use allulose. Everything about this recipe is doable for me except the 4T cornstarch in the dacquoise. A simple meringue could work I suppose, but what would you substitute that is low carb for the cornstarch? TY

The cornstarch is there since the allulose doesn’t dry out as well as other sugars. The recipe can be made with a meringue a small amount of allulose with with the toasted nuts and cooked low until it dries out.

I’m slightly confused: there are no hazelnuts in the Hazelnut Buttercream recipe. Is it actually an almond buttercream, or should 2 C very finely ground hazelnuts be used instead of the almond flour?

Yes you can use either hazelnut or almond.