Glycerol Monostearate vs Mono & Diglyceride Flakes

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WTF Battle of the Glycerides: Glycerol Monostearate vs Mono & Diglyceride Flakes

Glycerides are a common ingredient added to baked goods to improve texture, crumb, volume and shelf life. However, a recipe that refers to glycerol monostearate, glycerides, or a similar name may actually be talking about similar but functionally very different products. Adding the wrong one to your recipe may inadvertently lead to a kitchen disaster! Avoid catastrophe, watch this episode as Scott and Janie review the key differences between glycerol monostearate and mono & diglyceride flakes, when to use each item, and share our mouthwatering recipes for coffee cake and pannetone… on this week’s WTF.

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Just Call Me Coffee Cake
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  • I wonder if either of GMS or Mono & Diglyceride may cause allelic reactions. For some reason, I cannot digest well store bought baking goodies. Please advise.

    • There are no major allergens in either product. That said, people are sensitive to all sorts of things. Not all store bought items contain these two products.

  • Great information, thanks. The question, I make my traditional Australian fruit cake and the butter always bleeds out, I start with cream butter and sugar,; so is it the Mono Dig Flakes that I would use? My stollen is different, melt the butter in warm milk, add yeast, and then add to flour, would the Gly. Monostearate used for this application

    • I would suggest using Mono & diglycerides flakes for the creaming method in the fruit cake. As for the stollen the GMS should work better but with such a unique method it might be a good idea to make two separate tests with both ingredients.

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