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I wonder if either of GMS or Mono & Diglyceride may cause allelic reactions. For some reason, I cannot digest well store bought baking goodies. Please advise.

There are no major allergens in either product. That said, people are sensitive to all sorts of things. Not all store bought items contain these two products.

Great information, thanks. The question, I make my traditional Australian fruit cake and the butter always bleeds out, I start with cream butter and sugar,; so is it the Mono Dig Flakes that I would use? My stollen is different, melt the butter in warm milk, add yeast, and then add to flour, would the Gly. Monostearate used for this application

I would suggest using Mono & diglycerides flakes for the creaming method in the fruit cake. As for the stollen the GMS should work better but with such a unique method it might be a good idea to make two separate tests with both ingredients.