The Secret of Guar Gum

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WTF – Guar Gum? A Superstar for Ethereal Mouthfeel

Have you ever struggled with consistency in your soups and sauces and want that ‘just right’ texture each time, every time? Find out how a little bit of guar can make a huge impact… in this week’s WTF.

Product Links:
Guar Gum
Perfected Guar Gum

Recipe Links:
Rich and Dreamy Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate
Velvety Goose and Chestnut Soup

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  • Hi Modernist Pantry: I’ve purchased your perfected guar gum, and the Ultra-Sperse 3 and M products. I’m a bit confused about what applications are particularly good for guar vs. the starches, as it seems both are used in your articles and videos for thickening both desserts and savory fluids like soups and sauces. Any advice on when to favor guar vs. the starches (and vice versa)? Thanks! —Tom

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