The Secret of Ice Cream Stabilizers

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WTF – The Secret of Ice Cream Stabilizers

Grit is great in a TV series, but terrible in your frozen treats. Learn the secret ingredient to silky ice cream, smooth sorbet, and genuinely perfect gelato.

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Perfect Ice Cream
Perfect Sorbet
Perfect Gelato


  • Hi MP,

    I tried to “Ask a Chef” but my question did not register. My packet of Perfect Gelato came today but contains no guidelines for its use! Please get back to me with the range/amounts of PG to utilize with, for instance, a vanilla gelato base. And if that range is expressed in percentage of weight, please specify WHICH weight, i.e., total weight of all ingredients, or just of solids (or liquids). Thanks very much.

    • Hi Anne, Perfect Gelato® is water soluble at 180F and used in small amounts, typically 0.13 – 0.25% of recipe weight. For additional emulsification and finished product functionality, add soy lecithin at a usage level of 0.06-0.10%.

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  • Alyson Vogel
    August 5, 2020 2:46 pm

    180 degrees is into the level of scalding milk- the taste is no longer sweet when amped up to 180- can you clarify what it means when you say it’s water soluble at 180? I would not like to cook my milk/eggs past 165 in order to activate this product and I noticed when I used it and held it at 165 for a short time that it came out kind of gloppy for 4 grams to the recipe weight of my mix with a piece that never did emulsify. Would it be better to use a mouli to blend at the beginning? Activate it in a small amount of 180 degree water? Please advise.

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