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MC or HPMC may also help with formation of the crumb. Did you try these when you were developing this amazing formalation?

Our I’m Free Perfect Gluten Replacement is a specially formulated methylcellulose product that is designed to provide lift.

Lisa Lane Libman

December 20, 2020 12:26 pm

I have kept Keto for almost three years now and have made lots of keto breads with varying success. In addition I keep Kosher. So most of my breads do not have any dairy so that I can eat the bread with meat. Can you recommend a non-dairy substitute for the sodium caseinate? There are many protein powders out there but many use dairy, and I don’t want a pea or veggie protein because it is high in carbs. I have usually resorted to an egg protein. Btw, most keto folks don’t use wheat gluten either because of the carbs and for many gluten sensitivity. Psyllium is often the binder and substitute. I look forward to your suggestions. Thank you.

See prior comment, thanks.

A couple of things. While I keep Keto, I also keep Kosher, so no mixing of dairy and meat. For sure, no pork rinds! For a non-dairy bread I would typically use almond and/or coconut flour. Can the gluten free gluten product be used in lieu of the vital wheat gluten, which I don’t want to use? What would you use instead of the caseinate? I often use a powdered egg protein for structure. And I usually use psyllium for binding. The moo goo has maltodextrin which I don’t want to use. So looking for an alternative keto bread recipe. Suggestions? TY

When you start making this many substitutions there’s no guarantee that it will work the same so keep in mind you’ll be doing some R&D on this. For any gluten free product you can use our gluten free powder and gluten replacement for adding structure and volume. Caseinate unfortunately is not replaceable as there is no plant-based equivalent. It is also added in order to boost the effect of the Moo Gloo, which you’re not using anyway.