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How about a modernized recipe for soft pretzels with perfect crust and consistency?

A great idea! We do have a pretzel recipe here, but was there something specific you wanted us to tackle with this?

I have tried so many times to make mozzarella with no success. So going to try your recipe next..

For your giveaway ..I would like to suggest Modernize Chicken and Dumplings
Have a great one , Kat

Can’t wait to try the low moisture mozzarella in my Intro to Food Science class at Mount Mary University! The recipe I think needs modernizing is meatloaf – if its cooked too quickly it gets those slimy, gross, curdled proteins that make the it so unappetizing. The other one I’d like to see is a banana bread with a better rise – every time I make it at home it is dense and heavy. My kids won’t eat it. 🙁

You have some very valid points listed on traditional meatloaf, this is a great idea to look into more. We have developed a banana bread recipe, we hope this is what you are looking for, let us know how it comes out if you give it a try!

I would like to see Nama chocolate made.

How about a traditional Austro-German dish like Wiener schnitzel and German warm potato salad.

I would like to see a modernized version of Caesar dressing for Caesar salad! I can’t seem to get the taste and texture both right.

How about a new slant on how to achieve really soft whole wheat dinner rolls. Your demos are the very best! Oh….good & tasty vegan butter to slather on ’em!

How to make shrimp open faced sandwiches. I’ve failed in getting the cream that holds it together just right.

Sounds great! We’re not sure this is exactly what you’re looking for, but we do have a shrimp toast recipe with an amazing kabayaki sauce. Check it out!

Italian wine cookie demo would be great

One question. Does vegetable rennet work in this recipe?