The Secret of NH Pectin

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WTF – NH Pectin? One Pectin to Rule Them All

NH Pectin is unique among its citrus-derived peers due to its unique thermoreversibility (yeah that’s a mouthful) without adding a separate calcium source. Explore more about this popular polysaccharide… on this week’s WTF

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NH Pectin

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Twisted White Chocolate Cremeux
Fresh Apricot Nappage

Pectin Usage Chart

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  • I tried to find out the difference between amidated and non-amidated pectin powder and which one better to use for fruit gelée but cannot submit must questions to Ask The Chef.

    • Amidated means the pectin can gel with a lower amounts of calcium. As low as 10mg of calcium can be used to gel 1 gram of pectin. Fruit gelee that contains sugar should use rapid set hm pectin. If this is a sugar free gelee the best thing to use would be any type of LM pectin along with calcium added for gelling.

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  • I would like to know if preparations with these pectins (HM, LM and also NH) can be frozen and what happen then.

  • I want to make Glaze Gel for Cake, which type of pectin should I use and can you give me a recipe for that ? Please

    • Scott Guerin
      May 2, 2022 10:41 am

      What type of glass are you looking to make? Mirror glaze or a fruit glaze? Let us know so we can better help you.

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