The Secret of Pectinex

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WTF – Pectinex? Simple Citrus Supremes

From clarifying juices to the perfect citrus supreme, and even the perfect french fry, Pectinex is a must try ingredient for saving time or handling problematic pectin.

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  • Will pectinex break down garlic skin so you have peeled cloves? Will it break down any food containing pectin? I have read that garlic skin contains 11% pectin

    • Hi Jeff, we haven’t tried it ourselves but if there’s pectin in it then it would work. With only 11% pectin you probably won’t get rid of all the skin.

  • ooooh, totally worth trying with garlic, though: peeling garlic is a bore.
    I’m excited because supreming citrust is one of my least-favorite kitchen chores; I’m having folks over to dinner in a few days, and thanks to Pectin-Ex the’re going to get a lovely citrus salad. AND to go with that citrus salad they’re going to get a cake flavored and festooned with candied citrus peel courtesy of Pectin-Ex. I am thrilled.

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  • James Ramirez
    March 16, 2022 8:05 am

    What is the ratio of pectinexx to water

    • Scott Guerin
      March 16, 2022 4:41 pm

      2-4ml per 500ml of liquid is a good starting point. But it can go higher if need be to speed up the process.

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