The Secret of Stress Free Thanksgiving

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WTF – Stress Free Thanksgiving: Simple Prep Ahead Recipes

Don’t let last minute kitchen disasters derail your Thanksgiving this year! On this week’s episode of WTF Scott and Janie showcase easy recipes that are prepped days ahead but taste like you’ve slaved over it all day. This Thanksgiving sit back, let the accolades roll in and savor the most important part of the holidays – spending time with your loved ones.

Product Links:
HM Pectin Rapid Set
Vegan Gelatin
UltraTex 3
Moo Gloo RM

Recipe Link:
Pumpkin Pie Pot de Crème
Cranberry Sauce “From a Can”
Temptingly Tender Turkey Roulade
Make Ahead Gravy

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  • I’m intrigued by the cranberry sauce recipe. The pumpkin pie sounds great as well; I’d like to sprinkle it with sugar and torch it for a pumpkin creme brulee

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