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Cultured cottage cheese.

Norman Hines SR

September 15, 2021 11:33 am

WOW looks great so easy to make and store. cant wait to try it

I’d love to see how to make a veganized kefir from soy milk, or other plant milk, at home please.

I’d like to see a veganized recipe for dulche de lèche.
The parmesan cheese looks delicious!

We created a caramel similar to a dulche de leche for our plant-based candy bar recipe! here’s the link:

chewy Turkish ice cream

A must try; imagine the final, completing touch on a dish, yumm.

Hi Scott and Janie! I love what you are up to…. combining food, chemistry and magic!
I’ve made Milk Kefir for about 15 years, and I’d love to see you recreate this with a Non Dairy mylk and maintain all the good bacteria of regular Milk Kefir.

And in the “Cheese” theme of today video and “good bacteria”… Can you make a blue cheese?

If you can try these I’ll be so grateful as I’d like to quit dairy but do want to still have the good bacteria in my diet…
Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

being Italian and vegan, this is fantastic! can’t wait to try it!

Carol Bradstreet

September 15, 2021 9:23 pm

I’d like to have a recipe for a good plant-based yogurt. I’ve tried several recipes online, but haven’t found one yet that really has the texture of dairy yogurt.

Sicilian cannoles would be great. Tried to get the same filling consistency with tofu…but does not have the same feel as ricotta

Goat and feta cheese would be 2 dairy base items would love to see veganized

When I went to buy it…it say’s 1 lb on the right qhwew you put the check mark, but the picture of it states it is a 10 gr packet? Below it say’s 10 gr also. 40.00 for a 10 gr packet?