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What does Methylcellulose HV do for the recipe? ie if it was left out.
I haven’t had any luck using your HV to improve texture of sausage burger etc; no difference in moisture or cohesion.

Interested to try burger binder if it actually holds mix together.

moo glue also not noticable but I need side-by-side comparison to say definitively… hey, that’s what I would love to see more in videos: side-by-side trials!

HV is used in the burger and chickn nugget recipes. If you are using HV and Moo Gloo in your own recipe instead of ours then it may require different ratios since we don’t know what is in your recipe or how you are incorporating it. The TI will only work with certain plant proteins. Our recipes are tested many times to make sure that they work consistently before we release them.

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