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This is great I going be using this in my Fish and Chips batter and with my hopefully crispy orange beef mmmm mouth is already watering…..

I’d love to try CMC in fried chicken! Talk about a greasy food! I wonder if CMC would do the same thing in making the chicken moist, less greasy?

Fried green beans, fried mac & cheese balls, and sweet corn nuggets

I think CMC would work great in a Shrimp appetizers I make. Shrimp wrapped in bacon., dipped in batter and fried!

Fried chicken, as someone already commented, would be a quick choice, but then there’s Evercrisp as well as Batter Bind. Would it work to combine CMC with either or both of those additives to achieve the crispness that Evercrisp brings without the oil absorbsion that CMC prevents??

I’d definitely like to try this! I think it’ll greatly benefit my seitan schnitzel!

how to make beneigh?

we have tried beignets and they have been too greasy, we are hosting a mardi gras party in February and I need to make these. My wife is not happy with my sample recipes so this video has come at the perfect time

will it hydrate and gum up the head of an ISI whipper?

It should not gum up the end of an ISI whipper once hydrated.