The Secret of Soy Milk Powder

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WTF – Soy Milk Powder? Plant-Based Dairy Replacement

Soy milk powder is the most versatile tool in your pantry when we’re talking about dairy-free alternatives for beverages and cooking. Unlike store-bought soy milk, soy milk powder is free from added sugar, gums, and flavorings, making it perfect for adding to your favorite dishes. The powder allows you to keep it until you need it, meaning zero waste! On this week’s episode Scott and Janie show you how to DIY a soy milk beverage that’s exactly how you like it, and create a vegan mac and cheese that’s luxuriously rich and creamy.

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Soy Milk Powder

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Rich & Hearty Vegan Mac & Cheese
Your Personal Soy Milk Recipe

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  • I’m lazy and could just try, but I thought I’d ask first – do you know if it’s possible to make yuba (tofu skin) by using soy milk powder in place of fresh soy milk?

    • We haven’t tried but I would guess that it will not work. We have tried making tofu from the soy milk powder and it would not coagulate.

  • Hi there!
    In the post above, it was mentioned that soy milk powder is free from gums. Does this mean that it does not quite have binding properties as compared to cornstarch for instance?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Yes, there are no binding properties in soy milk powder. There is some protein contained naturally in the product, but not enough to have binding properties.

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