The Secret of Tapioca Starch

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WTF Tapioca Starch: Cassava at Your Service

Tapioca Starch is most likely already present in your pantry, but did you know that there are many varieties of tapioca starch? In addition to the pantry staple, there are many types of modified tapioca starch that can enhance gluten free goods, provide superior thickening power, and even turn oils into powders. Scott and Janie tackle this sticky array of tapiocas and share our recipe for a classic Laotian chicken noodle soup… in this week’s WTF

Product Links:
Druids Grove Organic Tapioca Starch
N-Zorbit M
I’m Free Rapid Tapioca Starch
Expandex Gluten Free Starch

Recipe Link:
Khao Piak Sen (Lao Style Chicken Noodle Soup)
Szechuan Chili Oil Powder

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WTF – Expandex
WTF – N-Zorbit M

Usage Chart:

. Usage ratio Solubility Texture Uses
Tapioca Starch Any Hot Elastic, chewy Used for noodles, corn starch replacement, thickening, and doughs
Rapid Tapioca Starch 10-12% to the weight of the flour Hot Elastic, chewy Gluten-free baking
Expandex 10-12% to the weight of the flour Hot Elastic, chewy Gluten-free baking
N-Zorbit M 40% Cold Powdery Used primaily for turning oils/fats into powders
Ultra-Tex-3 0.2-8% Cold or Hot, High Shear (Blender) Smooth Glazes 2-3%, Dessert sauces 3-4%, Good for cold applications, can be heated
Ultra-Sperse 3 0.2-8% Cold or Hot, Low Shear (whisk) Smooth Gravy 3-4%, Pudding 6-8%
Ultra-Tex-8 0.2-8% Cold or Hot, High Shear (Blender) Creamy Cream sauces 3-3.5%, Gravy/Jus 4%, Purees 6%, Pudding 8%, Good for cold applications resists heat better than 3,4. Higher viscosity than other ultra-tex and ultra-sperse.



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