The Secret of Polydextrose

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WTF Polydextrose: The Upper Crust

Polydextrose is an alternative sweetener that can be added to any baking recipe to produce a beautiful crunchy browned crust. Scott and Janie discuss how to easily incorporate polydextrose into your baking arsenal, and share our improved recipe for ciabatta and a carb-lover’s panzanella salad… on this week’s WTF.

Product Links:
Instaferm Red Yeast

Recipe Link:
Oven Fresh Ciabatta
Panzanella Salad

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  • Ive watched a good number of your videos, bought product both thru you and Amazon, but was thinking this afternoon about potential value adds on your website. The one I would really appreciate is a link between a product you sell and the various recipes you have. Simple example, Pear Powder…where have you used it and in what amount(s)? What about this one the Polydextrose? any uses beyond bread browning and also important to note in that use 1-1.5% of flour. thank you for considering. I believe more will use and try greater uses if they know where to look.

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