The Secret of Prep Ahead Holiday Dishes

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WTF Prep Ahead Holiday Dishes: No One Will Believe You Made It The Day Before

Holiday cooking for friends and family is one of the highlights of the season, but also often one of the biggest stressors. Juggling limited oven/stove space, trying to time everything perfectly, and if the worst happens a dish gets messed up… are all realities of holiday cooking that take away from the joys of entertaining the people we love. Scott and Janie share with you 3 recipes for a dazzling turducken roulade, a foolproof potato au gratin, and an easy make ahead gravy that can all be made days ahead of time and reheated to its original fresh out of the oven glory… on this week’s WTF.

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Moo Gloo RM
Sodium Citrate

Recipe Link:
Foolproof Potato Au Gratin
Turducken Roulade

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