The Secret of Sodium Hydroxide

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WTF Sodium Hydroxide – More Than a Little White Lye

Uncover the truth behind how to perfectly pretzelize everything… on this week’s WTF!

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Sodium Hydroxide

Diastatic Malt Powder


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We Prefer These Pretzels

Pretzelized Brioche Bun


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  • 1) You should wear goggles while working with sodium hydroxide. Your hands are covered but your eyes are not. 2) No aluminum anywhere while using lye. The aluminum will put and be destroyed.
    3) When finished with the lye solution just pour it down the kitchen drain. The lye will convert any fat deposits in the pipe to soap. Follow up with a good rinsing of tap water.

    Lye is used in many applications. Knowing how to work with it is important. Being afraid of lye isn’t helpful. If a spill happens just wipe it up with toweling and lots of water. Wash any laundry generated as soon as possible. Lye needs time to break down clothing fibers, countertops, aluminum pans, etc., a few seconds of contact is not sufficient.

    Be safe. Go forth and make without fear

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