The Secret of Super Agar

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WTF – Super Agar? Fun with Fluid Gels

Sturdy, stable, and strong. Up your plating presentation, up your serving sauce. Impress your guests at your next dinner party with Super Agar fluid gels.

Product Link:
Super Agar

Recipe Link:
Bloody Hail Mary


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  • Some great ideas, thanks. During your presentation you didn’t mention any use-percentages. For example, what percentage of Agar do you need to make an acidic fluid-gel or a gel for making consume; …

    • Hi Coe, For Super agar the typical usage ratio is between 0.4-1.25 of the total weight of the recipe. For a fluid gel I would suggest around 0.5% and for a consommé I would suggest 1.2% to create a firm gel.

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  • I love this

  • I’m not a chef…. just a vegetarian looking for a gelatin sub for Panna Cotta. What’s the percentage of agar, is it possible?

  • Could you please advise if I can do gummy bears with super agar , it will be strong enough to not melt at room temperature??

    • gummy bears can be made with super agar, but we do not prefer the texture. They would not melt at room temperature.

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