The Secret of The Spherificator

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WTF – Spherificator? Spherification at Your Fingertips

Can spherification be simple? Find out in our review of the Spherificator… on this week’s WTF

Product Links:
The Spherificator
Sodium Alginate
Calcium Chloride
Sphere Magic

Recipe Link:
Savory Caramelized Shallot Spheres
Metropolitan Cosmopolitan Spheres

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  • BarBaRa Brickland
    July 2, 2019 6:25 pm

    oh I need one of these.

  • I purchased a spherificator two weeks ago. I tried making the shallot spheres from your video. I had several q’s for ask the chef which I tried to submit, but was unable to. It kept asking me to correct all errors before submitting. I checked the document 3 times and found no errors, but still could not submit.

    Thank you for your time and help!

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  • Thanks, this was very helpful. Stirring the bath seems to make a big improvement in my spheres

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