The Secret of New Year’s Cocktails and Canapés

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WTF New Years Eve: Cocktails & Canapés

Roll into the new year in a highly memorable way with some original drinks and unusual finger foods. Scott and Janie are ready to help you ring in 2020 with pop-rock-rimmed champagne and a warm mulled wine pod paired with a mini baked alaska and gold-dusted truffle cream puff… on this week’s episode of WTF.

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Amarena Fabbri Cherries
Fabbri Cherry Delipaste
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Ultra-Sperese M
Sphere Magic
Calcium Lactate Gluconate
Hemispherical Molds
Culinary Crystals
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Recipe Link:
Black Forest Mini Baked Alaska
Gold Dust Truffle Cream Puffs
Warm Mulled Wine Cocktail Pod
Crackle and Pop Champagne Cocktail
Pasteurized Meringues

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