The Secret of Ultra-Tex and Ultra-Sperse

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WTF – Ultra-Tex and Ultra-Sperse? The Ultimate Guide to “Ultra” Usage

Shed some light on this special assortment of starches… on this week’s WTF

Product Links:
Ultra-Tex 3
Ultra-Tex 4
Ultra-Tex 8
Ultra-Sperse 3
Ultra-Sperse M

Recipe Links:
Bulletproof Béchamel
Tempting Tender Turkey Roulade
Make Ahead Gravy

Usage Chart:


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  • Under your “Tags” heading why do you list an Ultratex M product. I thought the M was only related to the Ultra-sperse product.???

  • i just love this site and your company..
    i bought the ultimate kit awhile ago and then rrealised
    i didnt know what half the stuff was or used for. your
    videos are so helpful. i cant thank you guys enough.
    well done on giving your customers ongoing support.

  • I love this stuff even though I don’t really know what I’m doing. I use it to thicken my from scratch, homemade, non-dairy almond milk yogurt and everyone loves the texture. I can’t seem to find how it and Ultra-Tex 8 compares in viscosity to plain maltodextrin or UT-3 compared to UT-8 or how much to use other than by trial and error.

    Any formulae out there regarding liquid to product ratios, etc for using these products? Thanks.

    • Hi Dave, there isn’t any magic bullet for usage ratios since it all depends on what your desired thickness is and the native viscosity of the liquid that you’re trying to thicken. Trial and error is how we do it too! ?

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