The Secret of Updated Keto Pie Crust

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WTF – Keto Quiche, Perfecting Keto Quiche Crust

Quiche would be the perfect keto meal if it wasn’t for the crust, but what if we told you that we’ve finally perfected it? That’s right, we’ve improved our keto pie crust recipe so it rolls better, holds better, tastes better, so your quiche keeps its shape and doesn’t crumble. Follow along with Janie and Hannah to see how we did it, on this week’s episode of WTF!

We Transform Food is a weekly series from Modernist Pantry exploring cool ingredients and gadgets that can help any chef transform food into more memorable experiences.


  • Can you use 100% Almond Flour?

  • Very nicely done, as usual. Variety is not only the spice of life but the only path to healthy living. Gluten free has brought a great many more products and flavors to the market, than the same old same old. But like yeast in wheat bread we need to know how to use them. Thanks for showing the way!

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