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What size mold did you use for the boozie cocktail gummies?

We used our hemispherical molds, but you can use a clean ice cube trey or what ever other mold you would like. Here’s what we used:

I followed up to the point of letting it sit to allow the bubbles to rise, but unless I missed it, I don’t think you mentioned whether it needs to be refrigerated to fully gel. How long does it take to gel? And I can’t help wondering if this could work with a simple gin & tonic!?

I followed up to letting it sit for the bubbles to rise, but unless I missed it, you didn’t mention whether it needs to be refrigerated to gel. Or how long it takes to fully gel. I can’t help wondering if this would work with a plain gin & tonic.

I would love to try several style mocktails with a light dusting of powdered sugar on the gel drops.

this would absolutely work! Replace the liquid in the recipe with your favorite mocktail.

Blackeyed Susan cocktail

OMG I need this. I am thinking Christmas and all these wonderful drinks I can incorporate with this. What a good gift it is going to be for some friends. I make baskets of homemade goodies.

Cheryl Dunham

August 18, 2021 7:07 pm

I can’t wait to make these, they sound delicious.

kirsten Berwick

August 19, 2021 6:48 am

I’m going to make bourbon manhattans!! I would love to tuck a bag of them into my dad’s tackle box….

Great idea!

Can I use alcohol infused with thc? I am kinda famous for my jello shots and will be making this with my Panty Droppers- I will let you know how the southern comfort works out…..

This should work no problem. If there is you may need to add an emulsifier like Polysorbate 80.