The Secret of Burger Binder

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WTF Burger Binder: Hold Everything

Find out what makes Burger Binder the star of the show in plant-based recipes, and why you can’t just use any ol’ methylcellulose to achieve these remarkable results. Scott and Janie discuss how to use Burger Binder and reveal our recipe for some spectacular plant-based hot dogs… on this week’s WTF.

Product Links:
Burger Binder
Perfect Caviar Maker
Sodium Bisulfite

Recipe Link:
Reimagined Pho ‘Noodles’
Plant-Based Ball Park Hot Dogs
Hydrated Burger Binder

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  • Burger binder and you are making hot dogs? How close or not so close in its use or application is burger binder to Methylcellulose HV?

  • Can the burger binder be used to hold together ground beef rather than a meat substitute? Thanks.

  • Elaniece Spicer
    October 21, 2020 7:21 pm

    I had an issue when making the plant based ballpark hot dogs. I blended 3.5 tablespoons if bb in 14 oz of water. I started the water inmy vitamix on low and slowly added the bb in the vortex. It turned white but when I poured it out it was very watery with a thick foamy cap. I added the right amount to the dog mix but it never got firm. Even after steaming the dogs in a silicone mold for 20 minutes.

  • why is the ONLY ingredient listed in burger binder Methylcellulose if they are VERY different.

    • There are many many many varieties of methylcellulose and they are not interchangeable. Burger Binder is one specific type of methylcellulose.

  • Does Burger Binder contain a blend of different types of methycellulose?

  • I have wasted too many costly ingredients trying to get BB to actually bind. Simply on its own reconstituted and heated, gelled. Failed in recipes. Are there some ing that counteract gelling: acids fats salts?
    Had to add gluten and re-steam to save my porcini patties which negates glutenfree menu items

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