The Secret of Cocktail Mixers

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WTF Cocktail Mixers: Successful Suspension

Create a balanced, blended cocktail mixer, and keep it properly mixed over time. Scott and Janie reveal the simple technique that prevents separation, which can change and muddle the flavors of a properly mixed cocktail, and showcase a hearty Bloody Mary… on this week’s WTF.

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Hot Sauce Powder

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Hearty Bloody Mary

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  • Would you be able to use the 210s in a cocktail that is meant to stay separated, say a tequila sunrise? I’m a food stylist, and sometimes I’m required to make a cocktail for a photo that is meant to have a float and it’s sometimes a struggle to keep the two parts separated. Thanks!

    • Cole Whitney
      June 9, 2021 4:48 pm

      210S does not seem like the right ingredient for this application. If you are trying to keep things completely separated you may need a thickener so that the bottom liquid does not combine over time. The bottom liquid could either be a gel or thickened with something like Methocel F50 so that it is clear but viscous.

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