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Comments (17)

Peppermint, cinnamon, vanilla sound like interesting flavors to start with.

I would like to make blueberry or raspberry flavor gum.

Juniper berry gum!

I would love to try a liquorice flavor, might be interesting.

Key Lime would be good!

Key Lime would be great! (PS… Having trouble with the captcha)

Spearmint, ginger and cinnamon sound good!

Michael Mallow

August 25, 2021 6:27 pm

Yes, I would like to make chamomile, lemon balm and mint bubble gum. Thank you

Grapefruit or passionfruit with the popping crystals

Tiger gum…Licorice and orange. Will this gum base also makw Bubble Gum. Normally I have bought a different formulation for bubble gum than chewing gum.

Salmiakki! Anything liquorice, really…

This recipe creates a gum that makes smaller bubbles, but the flavor will be the familiar bubble gum if you use the bubble gum flavoring

Chrissianne Carpenter

August 26, 2021 7:37 am

I want to try Rhubarb and Custard 😛

I would be interested in making mocktail gum!

I would be interested in making herbal gum!

I would love to try a cinnamon flavor gum. Thank you for your wonderful website and programs.

I like spearmint and would like to try orange or strawberry ?.