The Secret of Faba Bean Protein

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WTF Faba Bean Protein: Serious Thickening Power

What role does a plant protein play in modern cooking? This week Scott and Janie delve into the faba bean protein, and how its unique viscous properties can be used in way more than just our awesome plant-based meats. We find just how well faba bean protein holds up in a gluten free, keto tempura batter as well as a plant-based remoulade… on this week’s WTF

Product Links:
Faba Bean Protein Concentrate
Methocel E4M
Perfected Guar Gum
I’m Free Baking Powder

Recipe Link:
Plant-Based Remoulade
Gluten Free, Keto Tempura Batter

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  • Finally lo carb crunch! Cannot wait to try this. I have a ton of f50 methlcellulose. Can I use that in this recipe?

    • You can give F50 a shot, we prefer E4M for repelling oil but if you’re happy with F50 and you have plenty of it that’ll work

      • Since I love my carbs, this will be a beer batter! Was slaving over an Acarajé batter (black-eyed peas) for gluten-free so this makes life easy

  • Have you compared to lupin flour? I wonder how much difference there would be ..

    • We haven’t, the big difference would be that this is just the protein, no starch so it can’t be used as a flour substitute.

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