The Secret of Keeping Produce Green and Fresh

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WTF Stay Fresh: Ever Green, Never Wasteful

Get the most out of your fresh fruits and produce by discovering the secret of keeping them fresh and green for longer. Scott and Janie put our sodium bisulfite and ascorbic acid to the test with a fresh sunchoke salad, as well as a crowd pleasing potato latkes with apple sauce.

Product Links:
Sodium Bisulfite
Ascorbic Acid

Recipe Link:
Potato Latkes with Shredded Apple Sauce
Artichoke Walnut Salad With Honey Mustard Dressing
Ultimate Game Day Guacamole
Silky Smooth Hummus

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  • Thanks for the tips! How do you know when to use ascorbic acid versus sodium bisulfite? For example, why use SB in the latke and AA for the apples on top? Could you use just one or the other? Is it that AA doesn’t have a taste, but adds acidity?

    • If you’ll only pick one we prefer Sodium Bisulfite. Ascorbic acid isn’t quite as good, but it is more ‘clean label’ for folks who choose ingredients based on that criteria. Both sodium bisulfite and ascorbic acid are tasteless.

  • what about lettuce, to keep it from turning brown ..

    • Yes you can dunk the lettuce in the sodium bisulfite to keep it green but it will not prevent the lettuce from wilting.

  • What is the ratio of Ascorbic acid & water when preparing fruits and veggies for dehydration?

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