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A couple of weeks ago I wrote in and asked about how I could go about getting culinary crystals to stick to gummies. Your response was an upcoming episode might help me out. I am thinking that you were referring to Ultra-stik?

Will Ultra-stik work to adhere the culinary crystals and not cause them to pop? The reason I ask is that in the demo you mix ultra-stik with water and then use that to apply to surfaces. Will the water content of ultra-stik cause the culinary crystals to pop prematurely?

Thank you

You would need to coat the crystals first, at least twice.

Do you not bake the granola bars? Doesn’t that leave the oats tasting a bit raw?

Cole Whitney

June 7, 2021 9:59 am

The recipe calls for toasted oats. This is done ahead of time by placing them on a sheet pan in an oven that’s been pre-heated in an oven set to 350°F. Move them around with a spatula a few times for even toasting, and remove when your desired level of toastiness is achieved.

Can you bake the Ultra Stik? If I add ultra stik to raw ingredients such as nuts and seeds, spread it on a silpat and then bake it, will it work?

Yes, but just like any corn syrup based ingredient make sure that it is at the lower temperatures so that it does not burn.

Can ultra-stik be used to glue something that’s in a sous vide bag? Or would it have to be baked in the open to drive off moisture? Thank you!

Scott Guerin

March 14, 2022 4:52 pm

You will need to use a dry cooking method to remove moisture so that the ultrastik will work.