The Secret of Agar vs Gelatin

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WTF – Agar vs Gelatin: The Do’s and Don’ts of Replacing Gelatin with Agar

Converting a gelatin-based recipe into an agar-based recipe takes work. Learn all about the differences between these two popular gelling ingredients, and how to properly use agar in place of gelatin. Join Scott and Janie as we demonstrate the do’s and don’ts of gelatin to agar conversion on this week’s episode of WTF.

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  • Chrissie Decker
    August 31, 2022 9:02 pm

    Is there a good way to know the various properties of the plant based substitutes, a chart or some list somewhere, so that when we want to make a plant based substitution, we have a reference and guide to doing so?

    I cannot seem to keep all the different formulations and what they do straight. I have purchased a number of items, but then by the time they come in the mail, I forget what they are used for and why. Thank you!

    • Hi, we don’t have a chart but you can use the search function to find recipes based on ingredients.

  • I liked the agar-gelatine video. You mentioned acid destroying the effectiveness of the gelatin as it increases. What is this process? Is it hydrolysis of the agar/gelatin structure.? Is temperature an important factor? (I expect hydrolysis to increase with temperature). My interest is in jam making primarily and how pectins work, with the idea that a failed jam might be rescued with agar; reboiling blunts the fruit flavourings.

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