The Secret of Foam Magic

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WTF Foam Magic: Rise to Every Occasion

Whether creamy or airy, a beautiful foam is an unique way to add flavor, depth, and a little unexpected touch to any dish. Foam magic is a unique proprietary formulation that creates an array of foams that last for hours. Scott and Janie share the many ways you can use this star ingredient and demo a nitro espresso cocktail, deconstructed Harvey Wallbanger, and pea risotto… On this week’s WTF

Product Links:
Foam Magic
Magic Air Maker Kit
Magic Wand

Recipe Link:
Spring Pea Risotto with Mushroom Foam
Deconstructed Harvey Wallbanger
Nitro Cold Brew Martini with Hazelnut Espuma

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  • Hi and thanks to all the inspirations. Problem is: Things like Magic Foam or other ingrediences are not available here in old fashioned England. Is there an address in Europe where one could order and buy???

  • I tried using this foaming technique (with a whipping siphon) to create the salt air topping for a Jose Andres-style margarita. It was a dismal failure! The foam breaks down after only a few minutes whereas the Galiano foam in the video held up for quite some time. Is this a function of chemistry? Is there something about the salt and/or lime juice in the Salt Air that keeps the Foam Magic from working its, um, magic? I’ve made this same foam with Sucrose Esthers and it worked fine. I just thought the whipping siphon might be a more handy method.

    • Cole Whitney
      June 1, 2021 11:20 am

      The high acidity of the lime juice could effect the foaming properties of foam magic. It may need to be diluted with water slightly so that the foam works. A 50-50 mix of water and lime juice should work for this application.

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