The Secret of Grain-Free Crepes

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WTF – Cooking with Cassava: The Many Phases of Cassava

The versatility of cassava is one the reasons it’s the raw ingredient in many products into tapioca starch, cassava flour, and more. We wanted to explore how to take cassava further by turning it into a reduced-starch puree, with delightful results. Find out what Janie and Hannah created with our cassava… on this week’s WTF.

We Transform Food is a weekly series from Modernist Pantry exploring cool ingredients and gadgets that can help any chef transform food into more memorable experiences.


  • Brenda Gromling
    May 24, 2023 1:44 pm

    A vegan version of the crepe would be great. I am highly allergic to eggs, so having an egg free option would be great.

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