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I would make Cuban bistec empanisado ( sorta chicken fried steak, but even better)…
I haven’t had that in YEARS because of keto. Oh, man….!!!

That sounds amazing!

I would like to Shake and Bake chicken tenders!

Simple and delicious!

Would like to use that to make meatballs

We haven’t tried it but let us know how it goes!

I would like to try this on fish filets. I miss fried fish on keto. This looks like a great breading solution.

Absolutely, great idea!

Oh wow. This would really help me so much to have a good crispy breading!!
My favorite childhood meal was breaded pork chops with mashed potatoes, creamed corn gravy, and applesauce. I would love to try and duplicate that meal keto style. Breaded pork tenderloins, mashed cauliflower, cream gravy…maybe a splurge on sugar-free applesauce. YAY

Sounds yummy!

Janet Gillespie

October 27, 2021 4:50 pm

This might make good “fried” tofu or eggplant. They need the flavor components of this breading.

I understand the concept, but what would you substitute for pork rinds? Your additives are kosher, but an alternative to pork would be appreciated.

We haven’t experimented without the pork rinds but some people like psyllium husks.

I’ve been fascinated with modernist pantry items, and am interested in the shake and bake recipe!

Have fun!

I’m fascinated with these two products. I’m going to work on portabella mushrooms & shake & bake winter squash!!!!

I would love to make pork chops with this. Looking forward to trying this!

Whenever I’ve tried a “breading”, it has fallen off, so this looks fabulous – and no messy dipping in beaten egg 1st! YAY!

Have fun!

I enjoy cod or haddock and this would work great for that. I think I’d use Old Bay seasoning for fish.