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My favorite alcohol base gummy is a Panty Dropper with wild cherry and Southern Comfort – sweet and spicy- with a hint of wild!

Great video. How about a Peanut butter and Jelly gummy.

Oh my gosh I can’t rest till I can figure out black licorice gummies!


February 2, 2022 7:59 pm

I would like to make some gummies with wine. I am keto and have several sources of low carb wine and gummies would allow me to share them easily

Mmmm. Orange creamsicle or white chocolate raspberry

How about an elderberry turmeric gummy for a an immunity spin?

I would like to make a margarita gummy and/or a rum and coke flavored with some spiced rum like Kraken!

So much fun. Let’s try Bloody Mary or a Chambord one would be interesting.

I’d like to try to do pomegranate & blueberry or peach & passion fruit. Mango & banana.

Passion fruit and blueberry, or pomegranate and blueberry

I am hoping to make an amaretto sour. My plan is to do a top layer of cherry with some acid to make it a bit sour and a second layer of amaretto.

That sounds great! Be sure to share a picture with us when you make them!