The Secret of Vanilla Beans

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WTF Madagascar Vanilla Beans: Get the Most out of Your Bean

Concocting your own vanilla extract or adding fresh vanilla flavor to your favorite recipes are a cinch with these fresh Grade A Madagascar vanilla beans. Scott and Janie show you how to use rapid infusion to easily make all the vanilla extract you’ll need, plus fluffy as a cloud pancakes drizzled with maple bourbon butter… on this week’s WTF.

 Product Links:
Vanilla Beans
Whipping Siphon (500ml)
Whipping Siphon (1000ml)
N2O Chargers
Egg White Powder
I’m Free Perfect Baking Powder

Recipe Link:
Rapid Infusion Vanilla Extract
Super Fluffy Pancakes with Maple Bourbon Butter Syrup

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  • I noticed the vanilla beans weren’t completely submerged when the extract was poured from the whipping siphon into the bottle. I’ve read that the beans can become moldy unless they’re completely submerged in the liquid. Is this true? I wouldn’t want to ruin a batch of vanilla.

    • Yes that is correct. In the recipe, it states that you can snip them in half or store the whipping siphon on its side so they are fully submerged.

      • Hi Janie,
        I’m referring to the beans that aren’t submerged in the already infused vanilla when it is poured into the 8oz bottle. Also, can I make two cups of vanilla extract in my whipping siphon rather than just one? I don’t know if two N2O chargers will be enough for more than 8oz. Thanks!

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