The Secret of Whipped Cream Stabilizers

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WTF Whip Cream: Make It Last

Homemade whip cream is a welcome addition to any dessert. Avoid the disappointment of serving a melted cream puddle alonside your favorite desserts by learning these simple tips to stabilize whipped cream. Scott and Janie walk through a few key ingredients that will help you easily and quickly stabilize both dairy and non-dairy whipped creams… on this week’s WTF.

Product Links:
Gellan Gum F
Foam Magic
Vanilla Beans

Recipe Link:
Heavenly Banana Toffee Trifle
Plant-Based Banana Toffee Trifle
Rapid Infusion Vanilla Extract

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  • You have two products that seems to stabilized whipped cream, Instagel and Gellan Gum. What are their different usage ? I tried to look for a product to stabilized the whipped cream in my Swiss roll not to melt if I leave it in room temperature for a few hours. Can any of your product able to accomplish this requirement ? Is your Instagel the same as Instant Clear Gel ? Thanks

    • Instagel is cold gelling, Gellan Gum is not. Try our recipe and see if you like it. Instagel is not instant clear gel.

  • What is the melting point of Instagel?

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