The Secret Of 210S

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WTF 210S: Emulsifier Extraordinaire

Not all emulsifiers are created equal. When the emulsion gets tough, the tough reaches for some 210S. 210S is one of the strongest emulsifiers at Modernist Pantry, and one of our favorites for cocktails and more. Scott and Janie perform the litmus test on 210S with this week’s recipe, the Make Ahead Hollandaise that can be refrigerated, and even frozen and thawed for service… on this week’s WTF

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Surf and Turf Carpaccio with Make Ahead Hollandaise
Make Ahead Hollandaise for Eggs Benedict

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  • Can you make sauces and gravies with 210S? Is it low carb ?

    • 210S is technically low carb, because all the carbs are fiber based, which the body does not process. So yes, it can be used as a low-carb thickener. The usage ratios will vary in your sauce and gravy recipes depending on your desired thickness.

  • I want to try this myself

  • I would use a little 210s in my home made carrot-ginger dressing to keep it emulsified.

  • Omg this is amazing. I want to try it with a few different things I make. Would it work for emulsifying oil into a gummy mixture, or in chocolate etc? So many are making gummies with adding in coconut oil where I don’t but would love to find a better emulsifier for the ones that do.

  • Denise White
    August 5, 2021 3:58 pm

    So want to try the hollandaise sauce – freezing and then using! Amazing!! Also that salad looks wonderful! that may be next as well.

  • Carole Ingram
    August 6, 2021 8:36 am

    I am very excited about the 210S. I rarely make Hollandaise for all of the reasons that Janie and Scott cited in the video. So, I now need to order it and try it out, as I am having a family gathering in two months

  • I made this recipe to the gram. Was great the day of with perfect consistency – but the goal was make-ahead use-ability, so I put in a mason jar and in the refrigerator. Next day I slowly warmed up in a sauce pan using a control freak (pan temp 135) and the sauce was incredibly thin and then broke, despite some stirring/whisking. Any ideas what went wrong?

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