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Darlene Sharples

January 19, 2022 2:41 pm

I am so excited to try this recipe. I would love to see Gluten Free Vegan Chicken. My daughter has searched high and low for it but they are all with gluten in them.


Can you make a plant- based ham that can be sliced as a deli meat?

Hi! Love your videos.
I’d love to see STRETCHY plant-based mozzarella cheese as your next plant-based WTF episode. And please enter me in the giveaway as well! Thank you!


Roderick Sprague

January 20, 2022 3:00 am

Has anyone made plant based mollusks, such as clams, snails or squid?

In the “seafood” arena, I’d be interested in seeing plant based smoked salmon. The carrot versions I’ve tried just don’t quite hit the spot. Thanks for you efforts!

The one thing I would love to see (drum roll, please) is a white clam sauce for linguini. I might be game to try going vegan if I could get that. These videos are awesome – thanks!

Helen Drummond

January 20, 2022 11:44 am

Salmon or Tuna

Thin sliced steamship beef sandwich Au Jus

Hi I would love to see some scrapple or some spam, gluten-free however would be fabulous.

Plant based chocolate mousse

A truly realistic crumbly aged goat cheese

I was wondering if you could cook the “bacon” in a stovetop smoker for additional flavor. So thankful for all of the recent recipes. Your cheese flavorings have really changed my vegan cheese creations.

Sure, anything to enhance the Smokey flavor would work, feel free to customize these recipes and show us your creations!