The Secret of Umami Powder

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WTF Umami Powder: Escalate the Sense of Savory

Umami is translated from Japanese as ‘pleasant savory taste.” Umami is naturally present in many meats, fish and vegetables and is most commonly available commercially in the form of MSG. Umami Powder is a natural alternative for adding that savory umami flavor through the fermentation of rice, shiitakes and kombu. This soy-free flavor bomb can find a home in any pantry where enhancing the richness of flavor without unwanted moisture or allergens is a consideration. Scott and Janie discuss how to use umami powder, and test out a brand new recipe for a marbled plant-based ribeye steak… on this week’s WTF.

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Umami Powder

Recipe Link:
Plant- Based Ribeye Steak

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  • Could you use TVP insteasd for the steak. My daughter can’t have gluten.

  • Is there anything I could use to substitute for the vital wheat gluten? Mt daughter can not have gluten.

  • What are your advised amounts of Umami Powder to use? It appears you are very liberal in the amounts you use.

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