The Secret of Plant-Based Hot Dogs

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WTF – Plant-Based Hot Dogs: Cheesy Ballpark Chili Dogs

Learn how to make a great vegan hot dog that rivals its meaty counterparts. This recipe is all about flavor and texture, whether you eat it with a simple swoop of ketchup and mustard, or dress it up with our vegan chili and vegan cheese for a mouthwatering chili cheese dog. Watch Janie and Hannah walk through the step by step tutorial for this uniquely delicious vegan hot dog recipe… on this week’s WTF.

We Transform Food is a weekly series from Modernist Pantry exploring cool ingredients and gadgets that can help any chef transform food into more memorable experiences.


  • Brenda Gromling
    March 29, 2023 5:04 pm

    Why do you add MSG to the plant hot dog base? My husband is allergic to MSG and many others are as well. MSG defeats the healthy recipe.

  • Hot dogs look awesome, can’t wait to try. i would love to see a plant based dim sum video. getting that great prawn flavor and texture! keep up the great work guys

  • These look great. I would be interested in seeing a recipe for Plant based brats. Thanks

  • Summer Brasuel
    March 30, 2023 10:17 am

    I would like to see a segment on roasting nuts to learn how to make seasonings stick to the nuts that will also be somewhat shelf stable (for home use). Egg white makes me nervous for keeping flavored nuts in the pantry for a few days or a little more.

  • That looks yummy, can’t wait to try. Can you do Oyster mushroom wings?

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